Through Christ Everything's Possible

What Do We Teach?

Self-sufficiency, self-reliance, self-confidence through practical common-sense programs designed to leverage your relevant life experiences with technology, communications development, and skills mastery.  

JUL 11, 2016
TCEP will send three youth entrepreneurs to California to launch an enterprise at NorthStar's first summer camp for entrepreneurs!

What's New?

What Are Our Core Values?

We firmly believe ability is followed only by willingness. Meaning your altitude, in life, is determined by your attitude, shaped by your character, and influenced by personal integrity.

What do we do?

Welcome to TCEP(through Christ everything's possible)

FEB 15, 2016
Register for our Spring 2016 Youth Scholarship Award.

Mission Statement:

At Through Christ Everything's Possible, it's our mission to empower at-risk youth and other individuals and families in our community so they may maximize their personal potential. By collaborating with schools and other Community-Based Organizations (CBO), we are able to provide ancillary and supportive educational, social-economic, and training services to enhance both academic performance and career opportunities.

Who Is Our leader?

Founder Jaraine Lattany is a witness to the power of persistence. Mother of three ambitious young women and the only child of a successful entrepreneur, she has developed her leadership skills from continuous hard work and the willingness to learn. She is often states, "Only the faithful understand the power of patience!" Meaning too many of us miss our opportunity because of we lack focus and purpose.

 We are not a FAITH-BASED organization

We are a REALITY-BASED organization